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Primary Page Controls - The Toolbar

The Toolbar


The Toolbar is the main control panel of the Instapage Builder & is located at the top very top of the page. From here you'll access your Settings, Undo/Redo, Save, Preview, Publish, Variations, & More.


Back to Dashboard 


Click on this icon to go back to the Main Dashboard. 


A/B Split Testing


If you’re unfamiliar with A/B testing this feature will allow you to create new “versions” of your landing page to see how different changes affect your conversions. Each user will only see one version.

Click on this icon above to access the variation manager shown below. Delete, Edit, and Pause variations that you've already created or create new ones. 


Desktop / Mobile Selection 



Page Settings  


Click on this to access "The Option Drop" shown below. These will give you access to the majority of tools you'll need to build an amazing landing page. 



Add Page Elements


Click on this to access "The Option Drop" shown below. These will give you access to the majority of tools you'll need to build an amazing landing page. 
Undo Changes 


This one is self-explanatory.  Using this option you can undo or redo your last action if you change your mind. 


Saving Your Page


Click on this button to save any changes you just made to your landing page. We recommend saving your page as frequently as possible and especially before leaving.  If your page is successfully saving you should see this message: 


Preview Your Page 


Throughout the design process, you'll want to preview your landing page to get an idea of exactly how it will appear to users upon publishing. In preview mode, the editing options will not be available. 


Publish Your Page


Once you have completed your Landing Page design, you’re ready to publish it to the world. You can display your page on a sub-domain we provide (page.instapage.com) or can setup a domain you already own. You can edit pages at any time.


Get Help 


If you need help at any time throughout using the Instapage builder you can click on this Question Mark Icon to gain access to quick answers or send an email to our support team. You should be presented with this window: 


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  • Avatar
    Renee Charbonneau

    It seems the PAUSE feature is no longer a feature for MOBILE?

  • Avatar
    Marius Laza

    Hi Renee. That's true, because the mobile and desktop pages are now interlinked, we have removed the pausing button temporarily. However, enough people were interested in that feature, so we are bringing it back in our next update!

  • Avatar
    Egor -

    Can I hide the toolbar? Sometimes I want to see my page on preview version without the toolbar.

  • Avatar
    Andrei M.

    Hello Egor, this is not possible for the time being. The only way to not see the toolbar is to actually publish it, to a demo URL for example, and view the page live.

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