Page settings - the right-side menu

This menu contains the key components of personalizing and managing your page. Here you can modify your background, set fonts, add third-party code and more.



By clicking on the Analytics button, you can connect your Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager accounts. The Google Ads and Facebook Ads integrations are for showing the cost per click of this particular page in the Instapage analytics overview, the others are for tracking purposes.


You can check out the articles below to find instructions for connecting all of the above:


Page Background

By clicking on the Background Button, you'll be able to set the background of your page, that will show up under Instablocks that have a transparent background set. Note that the background image or color you set here will not be visible under Instablocks that have their own individual backgrounds.




By clicking on the Fonts button, you can set the two fonts that your text boxes will use, one for headlines and one for paragraphs.




By clicking on the HTML/CSS button, you'll be able to enter custom HTML and CSS into a simple code editor. Only use this advanced feature if you're confident in what you're doing as it will affect your page.




By clicking on the JavaScript button you'll be able to enter custom Javascript into a simple code editor. Only use this advanced feature if you're confident in what you're doing as it can affect your page.



Page History

By clicking on the Page History Button you'll be able to see previously saved versions of your landing page. This comes in handy if you'd like to revert to an old design that you may have liked better.