Setting up conversion goals

Many different types of actions can be considered a conversion depending on your own objectives. These typically include button clicks, form submissions, text/image clicks, and reaching a specific step in the conversion funnel.

While in the Pages List, click on the name of the landing page to open the slideout. Click on Conversion Goals on the menu and you will be presented with the options.


Instapage has three different types of conversion goals: 


  1. On page - Click on the link - Individual link tracking for all page links (buttons, images, text); Check this option if you have external links placed on buttons, images, or text elements and you want clicks on them to be counted as conversions.
  2. On page - Form submissions (leads) - Check this option if you want to track form submissions towards the total number of conversions.
  3. External page - Page visit on the defined URL - External tracking for pages outside of Instapage (thank you pages, shopping cart checkout, etc). See our article here: for more information on setting up external conversion tracking and how it works.

NOTE: The forms and links that are recognized as on page conversion goals are the native ones, meaning the ones added using Instapage widgets from the left-side menu in the page editor. Elements added through HTML boxes or Javascript code are not taken into account as they are not part of the page's structure. In order to count conversions triggered by coded elements, please refer to external tracking here:

You can have form submissions and links tracked at the same time, but you will see the total number of conversions without any differentiation between the type of conversion. You cannot use both On page and External page at the same time. When you switch one of them ON, the other category will be switched OFF.

Regardless of the conversion goals chosen, they will all be counted together, so you will see the total number of conversions in your Analytics Dashboard, not which element generated them.