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The Analytics Dashboard

In the analytics dashboard, you can see how your page is performing and adjust the settings for your A/B split tests.

  • To access it just click on the Analytics button in your main dashboard.

  • By default, the analytics dashboard will show you the stats for both the Desktop and Mobile version of your page.

  • In the top bar, you can change the viewing option from All to Desktop or Mobile only, select date ranges, quickly switch between pages and access the leads dashboard.

In the A/B testing table, each variation tracks four primary metrics:

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors that turned into a conversion on that page variation.
  • Improvement: The difference in the conversion rate tested against the Base variation. Example: If version (A) has a 20% conversion rate and version (B) has a 25% conversion rate, your Improvement would be +5%Conversions: The number of visitors that have filled out a form or clicked on a Call-to-Action button
  • Unique Visitors: The number of unique visitors that have seen that landing page variation
  • Unique Conversions: The number of visitors that have filled out a form or clicked on a Call-to-Action button.

  • If you are running an A/B split test on your page, you can set the percentage of visitors that will see each variation.

  • In the last column, besides the options to pause, reset, rename and delete variations you can also set a new baseline.

  • And in the last graph, you can compare conversion rates vs. unique visitors.

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