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How do I set up my conversion goals?

Many different types of actions can be considered a conversion depending on your own objectives. These typically include button clicks, form submissions, text/image clicks, and reaching a specific step in the conversion funnel.

While in the page editor, just click on Conversion Goals on the right-side menu and you will be presented with the choices.


Instapage has three different types of conversion goals: 


  1. Individual link tracking for all page links (buttons, images, text); Check this option if you have external links placed on buttons, images or text elements and you want clicks on them to be counted as conversions.
  2. Form submissions (leads); Check this option if you want to track form submissions towards the total number of conversions.
  3. External tracking for pages outside of Instapage (thank you pages, shopping cart checkout, etc). See the attached link for more information on setting up external conversion tracking and how it works.

You can have form submissions and links tracked at the same time, but you will see the total number of conversions without any differentiation between the type of conversion. You cannot have both internal and external conversions enabled at the same time. Make sure that you leave the chosen tab active when you save and leave the page.

You can see the conversions your page generated in The Analytics Dashboard.

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