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Linking to content within the same page

Method 1: Linking any text, image or button as an on-page redirect to another block

To do so, select the element in question, and choose Click Event/Link.

For text:


For buttons:


And for images:


Afterward, choose On Page Link, and scroll to the block you want your visitors to be redirected to.



Method 2: Getting the URL for a specific place on your page

In order to have a URL of your page that takes you to a specific section you will have to add an HTML element


at the beginning of the section that you want your visitors to be taken to, containing the following snippet:

<div id="here"></div>

Now you will have to add #here to the end of your URL and share that URL with your visitors. It will look something like this - www.mydomain.com/#hereYou can replace here with any other word that describes your section better, but remember to change it in the snippet above as well.

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