Linking to content within the same page

Method 1: Linking any text, image, or button as an on-page redirect to another block

For text, select the piece of text that should redirect the visitors, and click on Link setup under Text Styles from the menu on the right:


You can also set the linked text's color by choosing it from the Link color option. 


For buttons, click on them and then select Link setup from the menu on the right:


And for images, click on them, and then select Link setup from the menu on the right:


Afterward, choose On page link, from the dropdown under Link type, and scroll to the block you want your visitors to be redirected to.


image of the selected block where the on page link must link to

Method 2: Getting the URL for a specific place on your page

In order to have a URL of your page that takes you to a specific section, you will have to add an HTML element at the beginning of the section that you want your visitors to be taken to, containing the following snippet:

<div id="here"></div>


Now you will have to add #here to the end of your URL and share that URL with your visitors. It will look something like this - can replace here with any other word that describes your section better but remember to change it in the snippet above as well.