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Adding and managing custom domains

You can add, view or delete the custom domains that you have in your Instapage account at any time by clicking on then name of the workspace on the top left and then on Workspace settings and lastly on Domains.



The custom domain dashboard looks like this, with the domains and subdomains ordered alphabetically:


If you haven't added your first domain yet, it will look like this:


To add a new domain, click on Connect Domain in the upper right corner, and you will be presented with the following modal, prompting you to select which registrar you are using. If your registrar is not found in our list, scroll down, and you will have the Other option. Here you can add the name of your own registrar.


In the second step, you need to enter your domain, including the top-level domain (the .com part), without any subdomains:


Then you will enter the name of the subdomain you wish to add:


Based on the selected plan, customers are subject to different limitations on the number of subdomains available for publishing. These limits can be checked in My Account Admin >> Subscription section.

If another user has already added the subdomain in question to their account, you will have to request access from them before being able to use this subdomain, as seen here:

In the following step, you will have instructions for creating the CNAME record in your domain registrar chosen in the first step:


After you've done all the steps above, your domain is now connected to your Instapage account, and you will also receive a confirmation email.



NOTE: If you want to grant or revoke the access of other users to your domains, you can do so from Admin - Global domains. Note that only the owner of the account can do this. For more on Global domains, you can refer to this article here:

NOTE: Our SSL provider does not allow more than 64 character long domain names. If your domain name is longer than 64 characters, SSL will not be applied and your pages will not work. 

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