Integrating with GA4


Google Analytics 4 is the next-generation measurement solution, and it will replace Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process new hits, as per Google's official communication. Users who are paying for Analytics 360 will have one additional year support until 2024. 

Connecting Google Analytics 4 with your page is extremely easy. Make sure that you already have a Google Analytics account. If you don't you can sign up for one here.

If you connect a page with your GA account, you will be able to see the default metrics that the page received inside Google Analytics 4. In case you want to track specific events on your pages as conversions, such as button clicks or form submissions, you can refer to our Event tracking with GA4 guide, as the base integration does not track button clicks and form submissions as conversions by default. 

NOTE: Our integration works only with Google Analytics accounts that have properties set to “Web” type. It does not work with “Apps” or “Web & Apps” property types. For more information about setting up a property, please refer to this article:

In order to connect your Google Analytics account to your Instapage landing page you will need to:

1. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations.


2. Click on Google Analytics 4.

Screenshot on 2024-03-29 at 12-38-13.png

3. Select whether you want to integrate all of your existing pages within this workspace first, then click on Continue to Google Analytics.

If you choose to integrate all existing pages in this workspace and have many pages, please note that it might take more than a few minutes. The process is asynchronous, and the larger the workspace is, the more time it will take. 


4. Select the account, the property, and your web data stream, and then finish setting up the integration on the workspace level.

5. To integrate an individual landing page with a property that you connected to the workspace, click on the page name > Integrations > Marketing Tags & Pixels > Google Analytics 4.


5. Don't forget to Update the page after connecting.


Important notes:

  • AMP pages can also be integrated using out native GA4 integration and it will track pageviews by default.
  • The native integration with Google Analytics that is the subject of this guide will track page views. The data that you should look at in Google Analytics is unique pageview hits. If you are looking to track events such as form submissions, please refer to this guide.
  • After you connect a property to an Instapage workspace and choose it as default, then any new pages created in that workspace will automatically be connected to it.
  • The duplicate of a connected page will not have the GA4 integration connected.

Custom event tracking

Our native GA4 integration tracks page views. If you would like to track events such as form submissions, you can track it using custom code as explained in this guide or with our native feature inside the builder, if you do not wish to track it with custom code.