The list of IPs to whitelist for lead collection

NOTE: Do not use these IP addresses for publishing your pages! The only publishing method supported for a custom domain is through a CNAME record that points to our server address, which is as seen here: You cannot publish through an A record using an IP address.

If you have integrated your Instapage pages with a system or service to collect and manage your leads and they need the source IP addresses to be whitelisted, the following list contains the IPs from where the leads can be sent. 

 Please note that these IPs can change over time and we currently don't have a system to automatically notify users of the changes. But we'll try to keep this list updated to reflect the latest changes.

In case you are using the Webhook integration, we recommend to not use the method of whitelisting the IP addresses but to use your server's token authorization key instead (also known as bearer authentication) which can be added directly through the integration wizard, as explained in the dedicated Webhook article here:


The list of IP addresses to be let through the firewall