The Dashboard

Instapage's main goal is to encourage marketers to create personalized, relevant landing page experiences for every campaign and advertisement. Based on market and industry research, we've learned that by personalizing advertisements to landing pages, marketers can increase the conversion rates by 5X to 6X. Together with AdMapthe goal of the Postclick Dashboard is to help you ensure that you deliver one personalized experience for each ad that you have active in order to serve a personalized experience to each target audience of your campaign. 


Regardless of having a Google Ads account connected or not, you can see your global conversion rate for the last 14 days, your total number of visitors, and your total number of conversions, as well as the percentual increase for all of them compared to the previous time period. If you hover over the bars, you can see the data for a particular day out of the latest 14 days.


If you did not connect Google Ads to AdMap yet, you would see this screen, prompting you to connect.


When you open the Postclick Dashboard for the first time after integrating your Google Ads account, it takes some time to calculate your Postclick Score™ (since we have to import all of your ads).


Your Postclick score represents the ratio between your number of ads and your number of personalized experiences. Ideally, you want to increase this to 100% (one experience per ad) in order to increase your ad-to-page relevancy. The better the experience/page fits with the ad, the higher the chances of a visitor converting.
This score is calculated for the current workspace, and it does not take into account pages/experiences connected in other workspaces or through Google Ads directly. It is determined by what can be seen in AdMap for the workspace you are on.

Active ads is the total number of search ads you have active in the Google Ads account that you connected.
Unique experiences is the number of unique experiences that are connected to those ads through AdMap in the current workspace. 


NOTE: Only search ads are currently available for connection with AdMap, and only those will subsequently be referenced by the Postclick Dashboard.