Hiding page elements on desktop/mobile

1. Hiding individual page elements

You can hide some elements on the mobile version or the desktop version of the page so that you can have curated content for the different segments of visitors. You need to add all of your page elements to the desktop version first, but you can then hide some selectively.

To access this option, click on any page element (double-click if the element is grouped with others), and then you will see this option in the right-side menu:

Screenshot on 2023-08-17 at 16-22-14.png

It will allow you to choose whether an element should be visible on both types of devices or only one of them.

You can find the same options if you right-click an element, as shown in the picture below:


When an element is set to be Desktop only, then it will have an orange selection rectangle around it instead of a blue one.


Switching on the Show hidden toggle at the top of the page will highlight the elements that have been hidden on the version of the page that you are on. You can scroll up and down the page to find those elements, and if you want one of them to be visible, right-click on it, then click the Restore button.


You can see a GIF of how it all works below:



2. Hiding Instablocks on the mobile version of a page

To hide a block on your page's mobile version, in the mobile builder, click on the block you want to hide. You will see three options in the left corner of the block.

Choose the Hide option:


To see your hidden blocks just click Show hidden in the top bar. If you want to make a block visible again, select it when showing hidden elements, right-click on it, then click the Restore button.


NOTE: Hiding elements in one view will positively affect the page speed/loading time. If an element is visible on the desktop version but hidden on mobile, then it will only load on the desktop version, even in the background. 

Disabling the mobile page 

If you don't need a mobile version of your page you can disable it, this way the desktop version will be displayed on all devices.

If you hover the mouse cursor over Mobile at the top of the page editor you will see a toggle that you can click on. If the toggle is green, then the mobile page is enabled. If the toggle is white, then it is OFF and the mobile page is disabled.

image of the toggle to enable or disable the mobile page