Why should I publish my landing page on my own domain?

When clicking Publish in the builder, after you're done working on your page, you will be presented with multiple publishing options, which you can see them here: https://d.pr/ZuEFHA. One of these options is "Demo Page". We offer this subdomain in order for you to be able to test your page.

Republishing your page to your own domain is essential before launching your campaign, for the following reasons:

1. Pages hosted on pagedemo.co will not be included by search engines in any search results. Using your own domain enables your page to be searchable on Google.

2. Your page will be rejected by Google Ads, because they require that your destination URL matches your display URL. For more details on why the pages could have been rejected, you can check out our article here: https://d.pr/K0iEBW

3. Having your main site and your campaign page on the same domain maintains brand unity and reassures your customers that they are interacting with a strong, established brand.

4. Pages published on pagedemo.co have a limit of 30 requests per minute per IP. 

5. Pages published on pagedemo.co are unpublished after 48h during the free trial stage of the account.

Based on the selected plan, customers are subject to different limitations on the number of subdomains available for publishing. These limits can be checked in My Account Admin >> Subscription section.