Why is my page slow?

Your landing page loading slowly can have several possible causes:

Large images

Large images are a common culprit, as they can significantly slow down your landing page speed. We recommend resizing them first to the exact size that the image will display on the live URL, before uploading the images. Images can also be compressed before they are uploaded, which will cut down the size of the image without compromising its quality. One such website where this can be done can be found at Tinyjpg

Internet connection

If your internet connection is slow, the page might load much slower than it normally would on a fast connection. Always ensure to check your internet speed if you seem to be experiencing an unusually slow page load speed.

Videos and custom code

Some videos and custom code can slow down your page speed. JavaScript and jQuery can be really convenient for adding dynamic content to your website, however, if it’s not implemented correctly it can impact your page load speed. We also recommend removing any unnecessary code from your pages. In the event that pages are duplicated sometimes old code can go unnoticed. You can use any third party site of your choice to test the loading speed of your page, such as; Pingdom or GTmetrix.


We recently released an improved, much faster page rendering system that will highly increase page speed. All pages starting with 2019 are rendered by the Thor Page Generator. If you have any older pages or aren’t sure if your pages are yet running on the Thor Rendering System, please contact support in order for us to assist in migrating your pages.