Keyboard shortcuts

You can design landing pages more quickly and efficiently through familiar keyboard shortcuts to perform commonly used actions. Add, delete, and group new objects, send landing page elements to the front, to the back, access Edge Measurement, and more:

image of keyboard shortcuts

Show Keyboard shortcuts: SHIFT + /

Copy: CTRL + C

Paste: CTRL + V

Duplicate: CTRL + D

Delete a widget: DELETE

Undo: CTRL + Z

Redo: CTRL + SHIFT + Z

Enter edit mode: Select widget + ENTER

Exit edit mode: ESC

Axis lock movement: SHIFT + Drag widget

Multi-select: SHIFT + Click or Click + Drag mouse

Group widgets: CTRL + G

Ungroup widgets: CTRL + SHIFT + G

Direct select: CTRL + Click

image of widget controls

Add section: A + S

Add headline: A + H

Add paragraph: A + P

Add form: A + F

Add button: A + B

Add image: A+ I

Add rectangle: A + R

Add circle: A + C

Distance measurement: Select widget + ALT

Move widget by 1 pixel: Navigation arrows

Move widget by 10 pixels: SHIFT + Navigation arrows

Bring forward: CTRL + ]

Send backward: CTRL + [

Bold font: CTRL + B

Italicize font: CTRL + I

Underline font: CTRL + U