Microsoft Advertising universal event tracking (Bing Ads)

Microsoft Ads lets you track conversion goals and create remarketing lists with Universal Event Tracking (UET). To do this, first you need to create a UET tag following these steps:

  1. In your Microsoft Ads account, go to the “Campaigns” tab and click “Conversion tracking”;


      2. Under Conversion Tracking, click UET tags;


     3. Click “Create UET tag” and enter a name relevant to your landing page;

     4. Click “Save” and copy the generated code;


    5. Go back to the Instapage builder and paste your UET tag tracking code in the Javascript - Head section.


    6. Now you need to create a conversion goal. To do this, go back to Microsoft Ads, to the Campaigns tab and click Conversion Tracking;


    7. Under Conversion Tracking, click Conversion Goals > Create conversion goal;



    8. Enter a relevant name for your goal and select the type of conversion you want.


You can read more about Microsoft Ads conversions here:

Note: While we try to keep all of our instructional articles that involve third-party services up to date, sometimes they make changes to their platform of which we are not aware and, as a consequence, the user interface may differ from the provided screenshots.