Tracking landing page views in Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms of today. You can connect your landing page to your twitter ad and track your conversions by following these steps:

   1. Log into Twitter Ads, select the “Tools” dropdown and click “Conversion tracking”;

   2. Click “Create new website tag”;

   3. Give your website tag a relevant name and select the conversion type you’re looking to track;

Checking the “Create a tailored audience” box means users who respond to your content will be recorded as an audience, along with other visitors of your landing page who have a Twitter account. You can target this audience with future marketing campaigns.

You can alter the time frame in which a conversion can take place and gets recorded with the “Show conversion settings” drop-down.

   4. Click “Save tag and generate snippet”;


   5. Go back to your page builder in Instapage and paste the code in the Footer of the Javascript section.

Don't forget to also Save and Update the changes.

Now whenever someone visits your landing page from a Twitter campaign, the website tag will record that user as a conversion. You can access your conversion data on your Twitter Ads dashboard.

You can learn more about conversion tracking on Twitter by visiting this page: