What are Global Blocks and how to use them


NOTE: This feature is only available for some of our subscriptions. If that is the case, you will see an upgrade prompt when attempting to access it. More information about our currently available subscriptions can be found here: https://instapage.com/plans 

Global Blocks make it easy to manage and update hundreds or thousands of landing pages with a single click. Create Global Blocks for page sections that you’ll use repeatedly, like headers, footers, testimonials, and more so that you can edit it once and it will be updated on every page automatically.

Saving a Global Block

In order to turn any of your page blocks into a Global Block, click on that particular page block, then click More in the upper left corner of the block and click Save as a Global Block.

image of block settings and how to save a block as a global block

Give your new Global Block a name and click on Save.

image of the save button


Adding a Global Block to your pages

In order to add an already saved Global Block to your pages, click on the Instablocks icon and select the Global Blocks tab.

image of instablocks icon in the sidebar

image of global blocks option

You can insert the block you are hovering the cursor over, or you can rename or delete it from the options menu.

image showing how to insert global block

Editing a Global Block

To Edit, select the block on the page, and click Edit Global Block to make your updates.

image of the Edit Global Block option

To change your block’s font or add HTML/CSS or Javascript, click Block Settings and update from there.

Once you’re done, click Apply Changes in the top right corner.

image showing to Apply Changes in the top right corner

You’ll see a screen reminding you that this update will be applied to all pages that include this Global Block. Press Proceed to update all pages.

image of the 'proceed' button

Note: If you’re editing a Global Block that’s already inserted on a live page, you’ll need to have Manager Permission to apply any updates. 

If you want to update just one page, and don’t want the changes made globally. Click on your Global Block, click More, and then Disconnect Global Block.  8a.png

Now it’s a normal page block, so any changes you make here won’t be reflected on other landing pages.

NOTE: Global Blocks, just like regular Instablocks, are not shared between workspaces. The gallery of saved blocks is individual to every workspace.