Domain ownership recovery - TXT record verification

When you first add a domain to your Instapage account, our system will assign domain ownership to your account, in order to prevent domain hijacking. This will essentially lock the domain so that other Instapage accounts can’t use it without your approval.

If the Instapage account that added the domain is still active, they can easily approve page publishing requests from the Instapage dashboard directly. You can check out this article: for step-by-step instructions.

If you own a domain name which is already associated with another Instapage account, and you can’t ask for publishing permission (because the account is closed, you don’t remember who owns the domain within Instapage, or you just bought a domain name which was coincidentally used by the previous owner with Instapage), you can quickly prove ownership by creating a TXT Record in the DNS Settings, wherever your domain is managed.

First, go to our Domain Ownership Recovery page here:, and fill in the form with the email address you used for your Instapage account (it has to be the owner, not a team member) and the domain you'd like to unlock, then click on Next Step.

This will redirect you to the second step of the domain recovery process, where you'll have to click on TXT record, and follow these steps (or you can email them to your hosting provider's support team).

1. Sign into your domain hosting service, and go to the domain management page. Here you will find the DNS management settings.


2. Click on Add and choose the TXT record;Screenshot_on_2023-01-26_at_18-30-10.png

3. Enter instapage-verification as the Name;

4. In the Value field, type the code from the Domain Ownership Recovery page;Screenshot_on_2023-02-24_at_13-26-09.png

5. Add the record to your DNS records. 

6. Next, go back to the Domain Ownership Recovery page. In the opened pop-up window, click on Verify.  

Note: Changes to your TXT record may take up to 24hrs to propagate.

Note: You can also verify the domain ownership by adding a meta tag to your website’s homepage. Instructions here: