Website Page Templates

While our platform is currently best suited for landing pages that would only augment your website, some of our customers are using Instapage to build their main website as well. If you are looking to build your website on Instapage, this article is a good place to start.

We have created a collection of templates that you can find on the Create page screen.
Each website layout is, in fact, a set of matching templates since, with our application, you have to create the pages one at a time. For example, a set would contain a layout for the homepage, one for a destination page, one for a blog, and one for the contact page. The type of pages within the template set will depend on the industry they were made for. 

The industries we covered, in no particular order, are: Medical, Cargo/Shipping, Travel, Recreation & Leisure, Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Beauty, Law Office, Real Estate, SAAS.


To find the Website layouts, click on Create Page, then select Standard, and scroll down on the left side to see the layout categories alphabetically.

Markup 2024-05-21 at 12.31.16.png

Once your pages are created using the set of 3-5 layouts, then you can use our builder features to add links between them and more.

NOTE: At the moment, it is not possible to add or create a sitemap. To learn more about the SEO features you can use, please see this guide: