Translating your landing pages with Weglot

If you want your landing page to be available in different languages, there are multiple ways you could achieve that. One of them is by using a script provided by to automatically translate your page content. They provide a free and paid version of their service. 

First, you will need to sign up for an account. Once you have signed up and confirmed your email address, you are ready to create a project!

Step 1:

Add a project name, and select Other in the Website Technology field.


weglot project.png

Step 2:

Next, fill out the details of the domain, original language, the language to translate the page into, and the URL type. Below is an example: 


Step 3:

Head over to your DNS settings and add the record and value provided by Weglot, as seen here:


NOTE: If you selected subdirectories as the URL type, you will be required to add a TXT record instead of a CNAME record. 

Once the DNS record was added, you can test it by clicking on Check DNS, after which you will be presented with this screen:

test dns.png

If validation is successful there will be a confirmation message showing that the domain is ready:

domain ready.png

Step 4:

Copy and paste the javascript code provided in the Setting > HTML > Head section of your landing page, and click finish. Don't forget to hit Save and Update in the Instapage builder in order for the changes to go live. 

js code.png

And now your page is ready to be translated, as seen in the example below!



Note: While we enable our customers to use custom code to implement various non-standard or custom functionality, we do not guarantee the functionality of such code. The Instapage Support Team cannot offer coding assistance or troubleshoot the way third-party or custom code behaves. If you need help in regards to a third-party snippet that you tried implementing, please contact the provider of the code.