Analytics page overview

On the analytics page, you can see how well your page is performing. Note that our analytics dashboard will show the information in a single UTC+0 timezone.

To access it, just click on the three dots on the right side of the page name while on the Landing Pages tab of your account, then select Analytics.


By default, the analytics page will show you the stats for both the Desktop and Mobile version of your page, and for all visits. You can also see the information for unique visitors only by checking that option in the Filters menu on the upper right.

The cookie that tracks a visitor as unique has a 3-day expiration date. If the same person visits the same page more than 3 days later, they will be counted as a unique visitor again.


In the top bar, you can quickly switch between pages or see a report per workspace, download a report (only for individual pages), and apply filters.

You can click on the date range to open the calendar and select the period of time you want to view.




The Filters dropdown will give you access to this menu, where you can choose between All, Desktop, and Mobile visitors, and you can choose to take into account All visitors or Unique Visitors. The Traffic source filter allows you to choose between Paid and Organic traffic, after you have clicked the Connect button and connected your Google Ads account. 


The Experience Overview section shows general information about your experience: Visitors, Conversions, and Conversion Rate.

The number of conversions that can be seen here is the total number of form submissions, and link clicks, depending on what conversion goals you have set up for your page in the Conversion Goals section of the slider of the page. If you see more conversions than leads, it means that you also have Click on the link enabled as a conversion. To learn more about setting up conversion goals, you can refer to this guide:


The Performance graph gives you information about visits, conversions, and bounce rate (bounces represent the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site without converting) in the Count mode and information about your conversion rate in the Rate mode. Just hover your mouse over any date to see the numbers.


How can I download my analytics data?

You can download your data in .txt, .csv, or .xlsx format if you select an individual experience first, as demonstrated in the GIF below. Make sure to select the desired time range first, using the filter on the right, next to the page name.

analytics download.gif