Adding a countdown timer to your page

Add a countdown timer to your page by clicking on the Timer button.


Once you position the timer on your page, you can customize it by clicking on it. You have the option to change the color, language, and label position, and also, don't forget to add a date to count down to.


Note: The labels for the countdown timer are not available on the mobile version of the page, as the width of the mobile devices does not allow it.
However, there is an easy workaround: you can add a text element to the desktop version, configure it to look like the timer labels, then hide it behind another element. Then go to the mobile version and rearrange the elements as to place the text element above or under the timer. You can see a recording of the process here:


Our native countdown timer widget can be set to count down from a specific future date and time. It cannot be made to reset after a certain amount of hours for each visitor. If you need a different kind of timer, you could try looking for an embeddable solution online (that you can add in an HTML box as seen in our article here: or, if you are a Convert customer that has this in their contract, you can have a personalized solution made for you by our Professional Services Team. If you would like to upgrade to Convert, get in touch with us here: