Send parameters through the URL after form submission

In this article you will learn how to send the information, that was captured through a form on your landing page, to the URL your visitors are redirected to.

1. Create your form and redirect it to the outside URL;


NOTE: It is mandatory to set the redirect as an outside URL in order for this to work, even if the page is an Instapage page.

2. Add the following code in Settings > Javascript, footer section of your landing page:

NOTE: The "instapageFormSubmitSuccess" function can only be present on the page once, regardless of how many forms you have or how many actions you want to trigger after form submission. In case you have multiple snippets that need to fire after form submission, you must add all of them under the same Form Submit Callback function. If the snippets are not added under the same Form Submit Callback script, only the last function in the source code will be triggered.

3. Replace the first three pieces of highlighted text in the image below with the names of your own form fields and the last three with the names of the parameters you want to have in the URL. The last three do not have to match the names of the fields, these are the parameters you want to use in the URL.

image showing how to edit the UTM parameter code snippet

Note: The code above doesn't work for sending parameters through Text Area, Radio Button, Checkbox and Dropdown field types.

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