Email notifications for new leads

If you want to reach out to your leads as fast as possible, we recommend setting up email notifications that will reach your inbox each time a visitor submits a form.

To ensure that the lead notifications reach your inbox:
1. Make sure to whitelist,,, and in your email client.

2. Users added to the recipient list must confirm that they want to receive lead notifications by clicking the link in the opt-in email they receive after saving. After the user confirms, please refresh the landing page before sending a test lead. This does not apply if you are using Branded Lead Notifications.

In order to set this up, you can pick two different routes. Note that regardless of the chosen option, lead notifications are set up individually for each experience. They cannot be set in bulk for all the experiences of a page or for multiple pages at once.

1. Within the page integrations

Go to the Integrations tab for a page, and you will see the option to set lead notifications there.

Screen Capture on 2023-08-18 at 18-37-05.gif

2. Within the leads dashboard

Click on the three-dot menu next to the page name in the main pages list, then click on Leads.


Now click on the page name at the top and then select the name of the experience as well. Click on Notifications in the top left corner:


In the Recipients field, add your email address where you would like to receive the notifications. You can add multiple email addresses by adding a comma between each one. You can add up to 15 email addresses to the list. They will receive an opt-in email that they need to confirm, and each lead notification email will contain an Unsubscribe button. 

Screenshot on 2023-08-18 at 18-39-36.png

Instapage allows you to easily send branded email notifications to your customers because controlling the brand experience that your customers have with your company is incredibly important. You have invested considerable time and effort to nurture client relationships and build a strong sense of rapport. Sending them notifications of successful lead acquisitions should reinforce and enhance that relationship, not undermine it.
Please note that if you use branded lead notifications, the clients will not receive an opt-in email and will be considered Subscribed as soon as you add them to the list. They will also not have an Unsubscribe button, so for them to stop receiving notifications, they need to be removed from the list the same way they were added. 
To customize the notification email, you have to click on My Brand. Here you can personalize the notifications email by adding your own Name, Subject, and Logo to match your own brand. You can also edit the email address in the Reply To field so that the replies to lead notifications reach you instead of our email address that sends them.
Screenshot on 2023-08-18 at 18-42-14.png
Advanced users can also modify or upload their own custom HTML file:
Screenshot on 2023-08-18 at 18-42-57.png
You can also Preview and Test how the email notification will look like. 
Annotation on 2024-02-27 at 13-56-24.png
This will open a window where your account email will be present by default, and you can send a test. One thing to note is that the email added here is just for testing purposes; it will not be saved as a recipient, and you should add it above if you should receive the notifications as well.
Annotation on 2024-02-27 at 13-56-36.png
Once you've activated this feature and added a working email address, you will first receive an email where you have to click on Confirmation link to make sure the leads notifications will be sent. This step has to be done by all the recipients added to the list.
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After the confirmation is done, you will begin receiving email notifications similar to the one shown above in the test section.
Note for Convert Solution customers that are using multiple experiences: The leads are collected separately per each experience, and, as such, the setup above will need to be done individually for each experience.