How do I create a 301 redirect in my GoDaddy account?

If you want your visitors to access your landing pages without needing to type the 'www' in front, you need to configure a redirect to push them from '' to '' instead.

To do this in GoDaddy:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager and click the black Account button
  2. On the following page, click the green Launch button next to Domains to access your domain list
  3. On the next page, put a checkmark next to the domain you would like to forward
  4. With the domain you would like to forward selected, click the green Forward icon in the toolbar then click Forward Domain. This will open the Forwarding and Masking dialog.
  5. In this dialog, configure the redirect to forward visitors from MYDOMAIN.COM to instead
  6. Click OK and wait for the changes to go through.

That's it!  Now visitors who access will be redirected to instead.


Zone File Error

If there are any errors when you try to save your zone file, GoDaddy will show a message explaining the errors. You'll usually see this if you're trying to create a CNAME record for a sub-domain (host) that already has an existing A Record. More often than not, it's when you try to create a CNAME record for your "www" subdomain. 

To fix this up, delete the A Record for your "www" subdomain then create the CNAME record as outlined above.

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