Adding a link to a page element

You can add links to buttons, images, and text elements. You cannot add links to shapes (boxes or circles). Note that form buttons and regular stand-alone buttons are different. If you want to add a redirect after form submission, please follow this article instead: 

1. Adding a link to a button or an image

Click on the button or the image that you want to attach a link to and choose the Link Setup option on the sidebar, as shown in the GIFs below. 




Select the Outside URL option:


Enter your link and choose if you want the link to open in a new tab and whether you want to track the click as a conversion.


2. Adding a link to a text element

In the case of images and buttons, the link is attached to the entire element, but in the case of text boxes, you need to select which part of the text you want to hyperlink. You can also select the color for that part of the text by selecting Link color as seen below. 


NOTE: If you notice that clicking on an image does not make the Link setup option appear, it means that the element is, in fact, a shape with an image background. Since shapes cannot have hyperlinks attached to them, you can add the image as a standalone element instead.

Aria label

You will notice an Aria label field available for clickable elements. This should indicate to a visitor using a screen reader where the link on that element would take them and what action would result from clicking on it.