Downloading and uploading your landing pages

Under our paid subscriptions, you can download any of your pages to your computer as .instapage files. You or another Instapage member can upload the file to create a new page.

You can download your pages from your dashboard:

image of the dropdown option next to a page where you can select to download the page

You can upload a .instapage file when creating a new page by picking the appropriate option from the menu:

image showing that you can upload a .instapage file when creating a new page

NOTE:  Due to security reasons, landing pages can't be downloaded or uploaded during the trial period.
NOTE:  Please note that uploaded landing pages do not keep most of the slideout menu settings (Integrations, Scripts & Privacy, Search & Social) of the original pages. Global Blocks and their settings are also not kept. You will need to reconfigure them for the landing pages that were uploaded. 
NOTE:  If you want the newly uploaded page to be published on the same URL as the original one, you will have to first add the domain in question to the new account. After that, grant access for it from inside the original account as explained in this article. Then you can go ahead and unpublish the original page and republish the newly uploaded one.