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Team Members

Team members make collaboration super easy. Instead of sharing your private login details with everyone who needs access to your account, you can now add multiple users with different roles and even choose which of your client accounts they can access.

Each account is limited to 10 team members + the owner. If you want to invite more than 10 team members, contact us for a custom solution.

How to Invite New Team Members



Adding additional users is a breeze as you will see in the instructions below.
Log in to Instapage.
If you have multiple Clients, navigate to the Client you'd like to invite your user and click on the gear button from near your profile picture.

Click on the Add New button:

Set the permission level and add the email address of your new team member. The user will receive an email invitation to your sub-account.

Setting Permissions roles are available as follow:
  • View is the most limited access; the new team member will only have view access to your pages.
  • Edit will allow the team member to edit your pages.
  • Manage is giving full access to your account except to the billing information and live chat.

The Permission-role can be changed later from the same menu.

For more details on what each permission level allows, please check out the following article: Team Member Permission.

Only team members with an active subscription will have access to live chat, after the 14 day free trial expires.


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