How to manage the team members of a workspace

Each account on a Optimizing subscription is limited to 5 team members + the owner. If you want to invite more than 5 team members, contact us for the Converting Solution.

How to Invite New Team Members

If you have multiple workspaces, navigate to the workspace you'd like to invite your user to and click on Settings, then Team Members.

Click on the Add Team Member button:


Note: If, as the account owner, you invite a team member to one workspace, they will only have access to that workspace unless invited to others as well.

Set the permission level and add the email address of your new team member. The user will receive an email invitation to your workspace.

Setting Permissions roles are available as follow:
  • View is the most limited access; the new team member will only have view access to your pages.
  • Edit will allow the team member to edit your pages.
  • Manage is giving full access to your account except to the billing information and the audit log.

After a new team member is added, the side menu on the right allows you to change the permission-role later or to revoke access.


For more details on what each permission level allows, please check out the following article: Team Member Permission.


NOTE: Only one active user can edit a page at a time. Multiple users cannot edit and save changes to the same page simultaneously. This prevents contributors from accidentally overwriting each other’s work. If someone tries to enter the builder of a page that someone else is already working on, they will be prompted with the following message and they can only start editing after 5 minutes pass from the time the team member closed the page builder. This only applies to the page editor itself; more than one person can edit sections of slideout menu at the same time.