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Publishing on a Custom Domain (CNAME)



EDIT: Please use pageserve.co as the CNAME destination. For SSL encryption, please use secure.pageserve.co to automatically enable SSL/HTTPS on your domain.

If you already have a website under www, add a different value like promo or lander instead of a "www" CNAME. Otherwise, your current site will be replaced.

What you will need:

To publish your Instapage landing pages to your own domain, you need to:

  1. Tell your domain to show the pages hosted by Instapage.
  2. Publish your landing page by using the custom domain option.

Tell your domain to show the pages hosted by Instapage:

To do this, you need to create a CNAME record in your DNS, wherever your domain is managed. A CNAME record tells your domain to show pages hosted on Instapage servers. You can follow these steps or email them to your hosting provider's support team.

  1. Sign into your domain hosting service
  2. Navigate to your DNS Management page
  3. Find the CNAME record settings
  4. Create a new CNAME record
  5. Enter a value for your sub-domain in the host field.
    For example, if you're using www.mysite.com, you'll enter www here. If you've already got a website and are using a custom sub-domain such as try.mysite.com, then you'll enter try here.
  6. In the 'CNAME' field, type pageserve.co (or secure.pageserve.co if you want to enable SSL/HTTPS on this domain).
  7. Enter pageserve.co as the destination or address. (or secure.pageserve.co if you want to enable SSL/HTTPS - more on SSL here
  8. Save the changes to your DNS records.
  9. Go back to Instapage and publish your page using a custom domain.

Note: Changes to your CNAME records can take up to 24hrs to propagate.


If you want to use your naked domain as well (the domain without the 'www') such as yourdomain.com, see this knowledge base article

We also have specific instructions for the following popular domain registrars:

  1. 1&1
  2. BlueHost
  3. DreamHost
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Google
  6. HostGator
  7. MediaTemple
  8. NameCheap
  9. Network Solutions
  10. Name.com
  11. Yahoo Small Business
  12. No-IP
  13. DNS Park
  14. Homestead / Intuit
  15. For providers that use cPanel (e.g. LunarHost, Monster Host, SiteCloud, JustHost) you can follow these cPanel set up instructions

Publish your landing by using the custom domain option

Lastly, you need to tell your landing pages which address (URL) you want them to show up at:

  1. Login to Instapage.
  2. Choose the landing page that you're ready to publish, click the edit icon.
  3. At the top right of the editor, you'll see a blue "Publish" button. 
  4. After clicking on this you'll be presented with 5 options
  5. Click on the "Custom Domain" icon. 
  6. If it's your first landing page, you'll immediately be presented with the new domain fields. 
  7. Enter the subdomain that you'd like to use (www for a top-level domain). 
  8. When you're done you'll have the option to also add a subdirectory. 
  9. Done.

How to disconnect a domain from Instapage

To disconnect a domain from Instapage, log into your registrar control panel and look for your advanced DNS settings or DNS settings section under the domain name you are trying to disconnect. 

Find the CNAME record that points to pageserve.co or pageserver.instapage.com and delete it or remove it. This action will take effect in the next 2 to 24 hours.

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