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My CNAME isn't working! How can I troubleshoot it?


Ensure the correct setup for your CNAME record 

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your CNAME record has been added correctly inside the DNS settings of your domain registrar.

For example, if you would like to publish a page to, you would have to create the CNAME record within the DNS settings of your registrar and add it as 'campaign'.


The information in the DNS management page will in this case look like the following:

* Record type: CNAME
* Host: campaign (Note that campaign is just an example here. The host should be the subdomain you want to publish on)
* Points to/value:

For more information on creating a CNAME record, please refer to this complete setup article: 

Verify your CNAME record with a third-party Propagation Tool

You would also want to ensure that you waited at least 48 hours for the newly created CNAME record to fully propagate. Once it's fully propagated, the CNAME record will show almost all green ticks when verifying your CNAME record with a third-party web-based DNS Propagation Tool.

To do so:

1. Visit;

2. Enter your custom domain URL in the Domain Name field;

3. Select CNAME from the drop-down menu;

4. Click on Search.

image of checking if your cname is propagating when pointing to our secure server address


The results will indicate if the CNAME is propagated across 21 servers located all over the world. Check that you see in the right side column, and that the ticks are all green.

If the ticks are red, this means that the CNAME is not propagating.

NOTE: Your page can only be live once the CNAME record has fully propagated and the page is published from within your Instapage page's dashboard. If you followed all the steps above and the CNAME has not propagated, we recommend contacting your registrar to check why the record is not propagating even though it has been created correctly.

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