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Creating a New Landing Page

When you log into Instapage, the first thing you'll see is your Dashboard screen.

1. Click the Create New Page button on the left and you'll be taken to the Create a New Page Screen.

2. Pick your template or upload your own .instapage file that you previously downloaded. Some of our premium plans will also have the possibility to scan an existing page, which will allow you to import one of your websites into Instapage.

3. Select a template from our assortment or you can also Start with a Blank Page.
  • Click on Preview to preview a template or on edit to start editing it.

  • Name your page to suit your campaign
  • Click Continue which will bring you to the Instapage Landing Page Builder

You can also purchase templates from ThemeForest and upload them into your Instapage account.

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  • Avatar
    david Johnson

    Yes, very helpful.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Ron Herron

    not helpful at all. Nothing is clickable.

  • Avatar
    Andrei M.

    Ron, sorry to hear you're having trouble! What are you experiencing exactly?

  • Avatar
    Melissa Seserko

    I just have a jpg pic and when I upload it fits screen fine then it blows up to like 250 percent and I have to start over I just have to capture visitors name phone etc. lol no big deal Ill be really careful this time. Its great but once it gets alll blown up I cant get it back to regular size. Your so nice for reaching out I hope I get it right this time

  • Avatar

    HI Melissa! Please write us a quick email at help@instapage.com and let us know on which page are you having this situation.

  • Avatar
    Arlyn Takahashi

    Where can i find the templates or upload my own templates

  • Avatar

    Hi there! You need to click Create a New page - Pick a template and browse through our templates to find one that suits your needs.

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