How do I redirect to another page after form submission?

Set up your form to redirect to another page after the button is clicked:

1. Click on your form to access the Form Settings on the right-side menu.


2. From the Form Settings menu bar choose Submission.


3. Here you can choose between two types of destinations.

If you want the form to redirect to an Instapage landing page, select it from the drop-down menu.


NOTE: In order for your landing pages to appear in the list, they have to be published. Redirects are done using the URL of a page, so the unpublished landing pages won't appear in the Redirect to Instapage menu.

If the page is not created inside your Instapage account, or it's inside a different workspace, you can use the "Outside URL" option by entering the URL of your destination page in the text field provided.


4. Don't forget to create a custom “Thank you Message” and set for how many seconds the message will be displayed. 

You can also select the "Thank you" message and remove it. This will display a "Processing..." message once the form is submitted. If you wish to translate this message into another language or delete this as well, and there will be no text displayed, you can do so by using the code from this article here:


NOTE: The redirect option cannot be used together with the download option (learn more about the download option here: They are mutually exclusive and only work separately. You can either choose a redirect or a file download as an automatic action after the visitor submits the form, not both.