Adding click to call, click to email and click to message to your page

Click to call buttons provide phone visitors to your page with a quick and easy way to give you a call. You can also create click to email buttons, which will keep you in contact with your visitors regardless of the device they use.

Setting either of them up is a simple process, check it out below:

1. Select the image, text, or button you want to use, and the click on find the Link setup button from the menu on the right, and choose Outside URL from the Link type.

Screenshot_on_2023-03-14_at_14-28-02.pngScreenshot_on_2023-03-14_at_14-27-39.png Screenshot_on_2023-03-14_at_14-26-55.png

2. Type the link corresponding to the desired button.

  • For click-to-call buttons, use "tel:+[country code][area code][phone number]" format, without the square braces. For example tel:+16044841354.


  • For click-to-email buttons, all you have to do is add - Replace with your own email address. When clicking on this link, the default emailing app will open on your visitors' browser.


  • For click-to-message buttons, you will have to use “sms:+[country code][area code][phone number]“, without the square braces. For example, sms:+17045821697. Then make sure that you also add the code below in Javascript - Footer on the right-side menu.


Please note that you will have to replace the element ID  from the code (element-2) with the one of your buttons. To find the element ID of a button, right-click on it and then select Edit CSS as in the GIF below:


Due to the fact that all click-to-call, email, or message buttons are opened in the corresponding app, you don’t have to check the New Tab box.

By clicking on the Track checkbox, you can set your newly created link as your conversion goal.  This will ensure calls and/or emails are properly recorded as conversions for your stats. For more information on conversion goals and setting them, you can refer to this article:

3. Add the color for the link on the text element, if you wish so. 

You can select a different color for the part of the text that will have a click to call, email, or message. This can be done by selecting the Link color option.


Finally, save and publish your page, and that’s it.