Adding an on-click pop up box to an element

In this article, you will learn how to add a pop-up box to any landing page button, image, or text link. These are perfect for creating two-step opt-in forms, revealing larger images, playing videos, and more.

You can add a pop-up box with the Click Event option.

Just add a text, button or image (or click on an existing one) and select Click Event.

For buttons:


For text elements, you have to click Edit and then select the text with your mouse, then click on the link button.


For Images:


From the Choose link type menu, select Pop Up.


You will get to the pop-up box’s editing screen, where you can resize it by dragging from the edges. You don’t need to worry about centering the pop-up window, our system does this automatically, taking into account your visitor’s screen size.


Add elements according to your design needs from the top menu and your pop-up is ready.


You can simply click anywhere outside the pop-up box and your pop-up will be saved automatically.

To access the pop-up again, you have to go through the same steps as when you created it.

If you want to have the same pop-up on multiple elements, you can use the code that we provide here.