Integrating GA4 with your AMP pages

Google now has AMP support in Google Analytics 4. 

Although Analytics for AMP has more limited capabilities than Universal Analytics, Google mentioned that they will continue to improve and add more capabilities over time.

Using GA4 on AMP pages requires you to:

  • Disclose how Google Analytics collects and uses your page visitor's data, and offering them an opportunity to opt-out of it. You can do this by linking to this Google privacy and terms page, which includes a link to the Analytics opt-out page.
  • Adding and modifying the AMP Analytics tag on your AMP pages.

In Instapage, you do not need to add the AMP Analytics tag to your page code, as our native integration already tracks pageviews by default. You simply have to integrate your AMP pages with our GA4 integration.

To integrate with GA4, please follow the steps in this guide:

If you wish to track additional custom events, we suggest adding the code recommended by Google's official documentation.