Analytics tracking with third-party providers

If you do not want to use our built-in tracking system described in this article and you want to use your own tracking system you can place the tracking script for page visits (provided by your third-party provider) on your landing page inside the HTML/CSS Head, Body or Footer areas of your landing page.

We offer the possibility to track page views with our direct Facebook and Google Analytics integrations, by adding your Facebook Pixel ID: or connecting your GA4: account to your pages.

Note that you must place any third-party tracking code in the correct sections, exactly as instructed by your code provider.

For example, if the code provider instructs that it must be placed before the closing </head> tag, you will then paste it inside the builder under Settings > HTML/CSS > Head, as seen below:


Tracking advanced metrics:

If you would like to track more advanced metrics such as button clicks or form submissions through your own tracking system, you would usually place the tracking script inside the Settings > JavaScript Head, Body or Footer areas of your landing page.

However, as mentioned above, you must place any third-party tracking code in the correct sections exactly as they require.

Targeting specific elements on your page for advanced tracking purposes:

In some instances your tracking provider may instruct you to target a particular button, form or other element for tracking purposes. In these cases where you need the element-ID to target it with the code snippet they provide, you can find the element ID as explained below:

To find the ID of a form, button or any other native element, right-click on the element, select <> Edit CSS, and your element-ID will be in the top right corner of the Inline Style Editor:


  • NOTE: Targeting your own code pasted inside of an HTML element is more advanced, and third-party custom code could contain all sorts of elements. A starting point would be to target the ID of those elements specifically, but since the code is not designed by us it's important to keep in mind that it may conflict with the source code of the page and the behavior could be unpredictable. We recommend that you use a skilled developer when implementing your own third-party custom code.
  • We only offer the ability to add custom code. We do not provide custom code assistance through the support team. In case you need help with a custom functionality or any code customization that is not provided through our Help Center articles, we have a Professional Services team that can help our Convert customers. The Convert Solution includes Professional Services as well as additional features and services that can be seen here: