Workspace settings and account settings

What are workspaces?

When you sign up for an Instapage account, a default workspace will be created automatically. That is where all of your landing pages for one company or one project will be. You can create multiple workspaces up to a limit dictated by your subscription. The pages, integrations, domains, images, and other assets in one workspace are separate from other workspaces.

The default workspace can be renamed, but it cannot be deleted. You can delete and rename other workspaces at will.

Creating a new workspace

To create a new workspace, click the name of the one you are currently on on the top left side, as shown in the gif below. The default project can be renamed, but it cannot be deleted. You can rename or delete other workspaces at will.

 create workspace.gif

If you are working on an account you have been invited to, you will not have the option of renaming or deleting the workspace or creating a new one. Only the owner of the Master Account can do that.

Note: If, as the account owner, you invite a team member to one workspace, they will only have access to that workspace unless invited to others as well.  If you invite the same team member to multiple workspaces, they only count once towards the total limit of team members imposed by the subscription.

Workspace settings and account settings

To access the workspace settings, click on the workspace's name in the upper left corner and then click on Workspace settings. For the account's settings, you can click on My Account Admin.


1. Account owner view - Workspace settings

Screenshot on 2023-08-17 at 12-23-55.png

Workspace settings:

  1. General - You can change the workspace name. You can also delete the current workspace from here unless it is the default one.
  2. Team members - Here is where you can manage the team members added to this workspace and their permission levels. Check out our article on how to manage the team members:
  3. Leads - View all of your leads for the entire workspace. 
  4. Integrations - Connect new integrations and manage the ones that are already connected. You can see all of them here:
  5. Domains - Add or remove domains and subdomains that you publish your landing pages on as shown in our article here:
  6. Audit Log - View who and when made important changes to your landing pages, such as publishing, updating, or deleting them. See also the main audit log article here:

2. Account owner view - My Account Admin


My Account Admin:

  1. Account settings - Change your name, email, password, or connect your Google account;  change the name and picture of the organization (NOTE: The changes to the name and icon of the organization will be visible in the workspace switching menu, the one mentioned in the first line of this article.)
  2. Global domains - These are the domains that you added to your account and can be used by others only with your permission. See this article here: for more on how domain ownership works at Instapage.
  3. Subscription - See your usage limits, your billing date, add invoice info, and download your invoices.

If you want to change/update the owner of your Instapage account, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to My Account Admin.

2. Click on Account settings.

3. Find the Change Email toggle and activate it.

4. Input the new email address, your current password, and the new first and last name in the upper section.

5. Finally, hit the Save button to apply the changes.

NOTE: If the new email address already exists within our platform and you want to switch ownership between two different Instapage accounts, please contact our support team at

3. Team member view - Workspace settings

If you click on Workspace settings for a workspace you were invited to, you will see a condensed version of the above menu, as only account owners can access certain settings.

Annotation-Annotation on 2023-08-17 at 12-27-30.png.png

4. Team member view - My Account Admin