Integrating with Google Ads


Connecting Google Ads to your landing page is extremely easy. Once connected, you will be able to see the cost per lead and cost per visitor metrics in your Instapage analytics dashboard for the page you connected. The attribution cost can be shown for search ads and display ads.


Follow the steps below to connect your Google Ads account to your page.

NOTE: You need to have Admin or Standard access in Google Ads in order to be able to establish the connection.


1. If you're in the editor, exit the builder to go to the Experience Manager interface:


2. Go to the Integrations tab of the Experience Manager and select Analytics Integrations:


3. If you have already connected your Google Ads account in the main Integrations dashboard, you will see it here and you can connect it to this particular experience:


After clicking Google Ads in the screen above, you just need to turn the toggle ON and confirm, then Update the page.

If you did not connect it on an account level yet, you will need to go to the main Integrations dashboard of the account and connect, as shown in this screenshot:


After connecting an account, to connect an additional one you can select the Switch option:


If you click Switch, you will be presented with the option to continue to Google Ads, just like you did before. Once you do connect, you can select between the two or more accounts:


NOTE: You cannot connect different pages (within the same subaccount) to different Google Ads accounts. All the pages in the subaccount can only be connected to the same Ads account.

Disconnecting Google Ads

1. From your Instapage dashboard, click on Integrations on the left.

2. Go to Google Ads and click on the Disconnect button.


You can also turn off the Ads integration for a page, without disconnecting it on an account level. Go to the Analytics menu in the experience manager for the page as shown before and click on the toggle button next to your Google Ads ID, then update the page.