Adding Google Tag Manager to Instapage

Adding Google Tag Manager to your page is done in three easy steps.

1. Grab the container ID from GTM, i.e. GTM-XXXXXXX;


2. Click the name of the landing page, then click on Integrations, then on Marketing Tags & Pixels, then click on Google Tag Manager.

gtm pixel.gif

3. Enter the GTM ID in the designated field.

Double-check the ID so that no extra spaces or symbols are added before or after it in the designated field. 


4. Hit Save and then go back to the main slideout to Update the page. Clicking on Update Experience is mandatory in order for the changes to go live on the URL of the page.

NOTE: Our direct integration supports only one GTM container per page, but you can add more to the page through code in the Javascript section, as shown here: If this approach is taken, we recommend adding all of them through code and not using our direct integration for an easier way to keep track of each one of them.

Adding the integration to all the pages in the workspace at once

Our native integration must be added to each page individually, but if your account is on the Convert plan, then you can use the Workspace Scripts feature to add any tracking scripts to all the pages in the workspace at once. You will then need to install the GTM container code instead of using our direct integration.
To learn more about the way our Workspace Scripts feature works, you can check out our guide here:

Important note: If you add the tracking code using Workspace Scripts, then you must not use our native integration at the same time to prevent double installations of the same script on your pages.