Instapage servers Cloudflare migration

Please make sure to make all the necessary changes mentioned in this article before December 31st 2022 so that your pages will continue to be served from our new servers.

Table of contents

1. What is happening and why?

2. What do I need to do on my end as a client?

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is one of the biggest networks operating on the Internet. Different companies like IBM, DHL, Zendesk, WP Engine, and Kinsta use Cloudflare services for the purposes of increasing the security and performance of their websites and services. Cloudflare powers Internet requests for millions of websites and serves 36 million HTTP requests per second on average.

You can find more information about them on the Cloudflare website here:

Why are we migrating to Cloudflare?

Some parts of our Instapage platform have already been using Cloudflare for a long time and we see the benefits of using this tool. That is why we plan to extend the usage of Cloudflare on the landing page serving flow. By migrating to Cloudflare we want to use their features to increase the security and performance of our platform even further. We want to use their CDN, WAF, and anti-DDoS solution to protect your traffic and conversions even more effectively.

What are the benefits of migrating to Cloudflare?

Migrating to Cloudflare in the context of Instapage has many benefits:

  • We will further increase the performance of landing page serving
  • Decrease the distance between where content is stored and where it needs to go
  • Reduce file sizes to increase load speed
  • Reduce page load times with efficient routing that adapts to real-time network conditions
  • We will further increase security and resilience against attacks
  • The Cloudflare network spans more than 275 cities in over 100 countries, so Cloudflare fights attacks and serves web requests even closer to the user then we currently do
  • Comprehensive DDoS Protection - Cloudflare's 155 Tbps network blocks an average of 124 billion threats per day, including some of the largest DDoS attacks in history
  • Cloudflare WAF offers powerful rulesets that stop threats including newly discovered zero days, as well as bypasses and attacks variations using machine learning
  • Better protection against bad bots
  • Using machine learning and thanks to many data points Cloudflare stops the most advanced bots while keeping legitimate traffic flowing

Does it mean that currently, Instapage doesn’t offer those features?

On the contrary, we offer all the features mentioned above. We are geolocated, we have protection against attacks, and we optimize resources. However, Cloudflare is a much larger network with more data, so they can do it even more efficiently.

What actions do you need to take to make sure that you are aligned with the changes that we’re going to make?

This depends on the publishing methods that you use for your landing pages.

1. CNAME record (Custom domain)

The only thing that is necessary is for your CNAME record(s) to point to

If your DNS is with Cloudflare, then please also make sure the default proxy is disabled to use DNS only! More details can be found here:

If your setup already follows these rules, then you do not need to worry about anything else or make any changes!

CNAME publishing instructions can be found here:

2. WordPress/Drupal

Make sure that you use our official plugins and that you have them updated to at least version 3.4.0/3.40 or above. In August 2022 we made the necessary changes to our plugin so that it accommodates this migration to Cloudflare.

Official WordPress plugin:
Official Drupal module:
WordPress publishing instructions: Publishing through (WordPress Plugin)
Drupal publishing instructions: Publishing Your Page to Drupal

3. Reverse proxy publishing

NOTE: Reverse proxy is exclusively available to our Convert customers.

In order to provide better protection and implement more advanced WAF features, we ask everyone who is using reverse proxy to make some changes to their configuration.

  • We changed the destination from to
  • From now on, please do not send us a Host header and instead send us X-Instapage-Host Header with the domain name you are configuring:
    • Apache - Header set X-Instapage-Host ""
    • Nginx - proxy_set_header X-Instapage-Host $host;

If you need the full updated documentation, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you do not know who your CSM is, feel free to reach out to our Support team instead.