Zoho re-authentication

Instapage uses Zoho's API to help you connect your accounts on the two platforms in order to send your Instapage leads to your Zoho list.

Zoho launched a new API this year and they will sunset their old one by the end of 2019. In case you are still using the old API, you will need to re-authenticate within the Instapage main Integrations Dashboard so that you can update your account and use the new API. We cannot do the transition automatically due to the fact that Zoho launched a new authentication along with the new API, so it will need to be done manually.

Failure to re-authenticate by the 31st of December 2019 will break the integration and, while your pages will still be live and will still collect leads, those leads will not be sent to Zoho anymore.

In order to re-authenticate, first, make sure that you are either a manager type team-member or the account owner, as editors cannot do this, then follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Instapage account and go to the workspace where Zoho is connected.

2. Go to the main Integrations Dashboard of the workspace and look for Zoho on the list.




4. Enter your credentials.

If you have multiple workspaces connected to Zoho, you will need to re-authenticate each workspace by repeating steps 1-4 for each workspace. If you have multiple distinct Zoho accounts connected to multiple workspaces in Instapage, you must log out of your Zoho account after every successful re-authentication before re-authenticating the next workspace.

Once you have re-authenticated all of your workspaces, you're done. We’ve retained all the form mappings to Zoho and they should continue to work as before.