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The Experience Manager

The Experience Manager allows different team members of the conversion team to perform their job functions simultaneously. Your designers can wireframe, copywriters add copy, the operations manager sets up integrations and tracking, the CRO manager creates personalized experiences and runs experiments, the SEO manager takes care of SEO settings and so on. This increases productivity and allows your team to launch post-click experiences at the speed of ads.

To learn what the Instapage Personalization Solution is and how it works you can check out this blog article: https://instapage.com/blog/personalization

Note: Creating new experiences is available exclusively for our Enterprise subscribers. Click here to get in touch with our team for more details.

To create a new Experience for one of your pages, just click the desired page in your Dashboard and you will be presented with the experience manager. Then click on +New Experience at the top of the Experience Manager. The settings of the default Experience will be applied to the newly created Experience.


To switch between pages, simply click the page name at the top and you will be presented with a drop-down selection of your groups and pages.


After creating new Experiences, you will see them as a list under the tabs of the currently selected Experience. Selecting a different Experience from the list will expand the tabs for it in order for you to customize it.


The tabs of an Experience (see hyperlinked articles for more details):

1. Layout & Content

2. Integrations

3. SEO

4. Social Info

5. Scripts & GDPR

6. Publishing

Besides these tabs, there is the top bar that allows you to access the leads or analytics data for the selected Experience, as well as publish or unpublish the current Experience.

Clicking on the three-dot button while in the default experience will expose two options:


Clicking on the three-dot button while in a non-default experience will expose the following options:


Deleting the default experience will trigger the modal below.


If you delete the default experience, this will also delete all the other experiences that are part of that page.

Unpublishing the default experience will also trigger the unpublishing of the other experiences within a page. Selecting Unpublish while within default experience will open a warning similar to this:


Aside from the options above, you can access the Leads dashboard and the Analytics dashboard for the page.


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