Integrating with Fomo


Fomo helps you show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even pageviews). You can integrate with Fomo to showcase new lead conversions on your website, in real-time.

To do that, go to the Integrations tab in your Fomo account.


Then select Instapage and click Connect


This will return a Webhook URL.


Now, while being in Instapage on your main Dashboard, go to the main Integrations Dashboard by clicking Integrations on the left panel, scroll down, find Webhooks and paste the URL given by Fomo:


Then go back to the page to continue integrating. Select the Integrations tab in the slideout menu for the page, then go to Form Integrations and select Webhooks:


A modal with the Webhook setup will open. Enter the link generated by Fomo above.


Now you can enter your server's token authorization key, if you have one.


Select "Send by POST+JSON" in the HTTP method tab.


In the next step, make sure you map your fields like in the image below.


It's ok if you don't have a "Name" field, or if your name field is "First Name" or "Full Name," etc. just make sure to call it "first_name" on the right side. Same goes for email addresses - if you do collect user emails, map it to "email_address" on the right side. 

If you have other fields you'd like to map, contact Fomo via live chat or email.

Also, they already turn user IP addresses into city, province, and country, so you don't need to map those.

If you want to capture other information about your visitors, you can do so in the next step, or you can skip this.


Now you should see the following screen.


 In the next step you will need to get the code snippet from Fomo:



Back in the Instapage builder, select Javascript from the right sidebar.


Now place the snippet above in the Head section.


That's it! Save and update your page and you're done.

 Note: While we try to keep all of our instructional articles that involve third-party services up to date, sometimes they make changes to their platform of which we are not aware and, as a consequence, the user interface may differ from the provided screenshots.