Setting up a multistep form

NOTE: This feature is only available for some of our subscriptions. If that is the case, you will see an upgrade prompt when attempting to access it. You can find more information about our currently available subscriptions on the Upgrade page here: 

To create a multistep form, first, create a standard form, and then you can convert it into a multistep form. Note that you cannot convert it back into a standard form later. You can remove steps and keep a single one, so it will, functionally, be a standard form, but from a backend perspective, it will still be a multistep form. 



1. Select a form widget on your page:


2. Click EDIT and select the Multistep button from the menu on the right:



3. Confirm that you are converting a standard form into a multistep form:


4. Now you have the ability to add steps to your multistep form.


To customize the look of each step and add fields, etc. click on the Step number and use the control panel within.


You may also add fields to a particular step.


As a good practice, we recommend having the same number of fields on each step so that each step has the same height. 

5. Once you are done configuring a particular step, click back to return to the Multistep Settings. Here you can see each step in your form, go to submission settings, or add another step;


6. When you’ve finished creating your multistep form, exit out of the multistep settings and click the left and right arrows to see how the forms flow.


Note: Multistep forms are not available for AMP.

Note: Leads will only be saved in your account or pushed to the CRM systems when a visitor completes all required fields across all steps of the multi-step form.