Setting up a multi-step form

Creating multi-step forms on your Instapage landing page is easy. You will create a standard form, then you can convert it into a multistep form. Note that you cannot convert it back into a standard form later. You can remove steps and keep a single one, so it will, functionally, be a standard form, but from a backend perspective, it will still be a multistep form. 


1.Select a form widget on your page;


2. Click Edit and select the Multi-step form Button;



3. Confirm that you are converting a standard form into a multistep form;


4. Now you have the ability to add steps into your multi-step form.


To customize the look of each step and add fields, etc. click on the Step number and use the control panel within.


You may also add fields into a particular step.


As a good practice, we recommend having the same number of fields on each step so that each step has the same hight. 

5. Once you are done configuring a particular step, click back to return to the Multi-step Form Settings. Here you can see each step in your form, go to submission settings, or add another step;


6. When you’ve finished creating your multi-step form, exit out of the multi-step settings and click the left and right arrows to see how the forms flow.


Note: Multistep forms are not available for AMP.

Note: Leads will only be saved in your account or pushed to the CRM systems only when a visitor completes all required fields across all steps of the multi-step form.