How do I regain ownership over my domain?

As a security measure, we lock domains under the first Instapage account that uses them. This does not affect the manner in which you can use the domain outside of our platform. It does mean, however, that if you try adding the same domain to a new Instapage account, you will be presented with an error message stating that This domain has been used by another Instapage account in the past.

If you encounter that error message and would like to transfer the domain to the new account, our Tier 2 Support Team can transfer it from the backend, following an ownership verification procedure.
Please submit a request to this link and follow the instructions.

When submitting the request, use the email address associated with the owner of the paid subscription, not the email address of a team member.

You will be asked to verify ownership using one of the methods below:

Once you complete the steps, a ticket will be created in our support system and one of our Tier 2 Support Agents will look over your request and help you further. 

NOTE: Domains cannot be transferred between free trial accounts. 


Alternatively, if both accounts have active subscriptions and you want to use the domain on both, you can do that by referring to this guide: Domain access