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Integrating with E-goi (form level)

E-goi is a marketing automation platform that helps you capture, automate, communicate, analyze, and generate more sales.

You can send your landing page leads straight into your E-goi lists and then send your leads targeted emails, text, social media messages – and more.

All you have to do is connect your Instapage forms with the email service E-goi, following these simple steps:

1. Click on the form and then on Edit, choose Integrations from the top menu, then select Egoi.


2. Add your API key to connect E-goi to Instapage. You can get it from your Egoi account by clicking on Apps and the API key will be at the top of the page;


3. After you’ve signed in, you will have to select the Egoi Account, then click Continue;


4. On the next step, you can choose the list you want to send the leads to, and choose if you want to implement Double Opt-In;


5. Now, you have to map your Instapage fields to the Egoi fields. After you map all the fields from Instapage, click Continue;


And that’s it. If you went through all the steps, you should see this confirmation message. Click on Finish, then save and update your page.


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