Integrating with Facebook Ads Manager for cost reporting



NOTE: The cost-reporting feature has been removed for now, as part of a remodel of our analytics page. The Facebook Ads Manager integration does not serve another purpose at the moment, but we have a plan for it on our roadmap, so stay tuned.

If you are looking to track data inside Facebook, please use the Facebook Pixel, as per this article. Thank you!




This integration will allow you to connect one Facebook Ads Manager with one of your Instapage workspaces in order to view the cost-based analytics in your Instapage Analytics Dashboard.

NOTE: This integration does not provide any tracking. It is purely for cost-reporting reasons. If you would like to track page views and conversions in Facebook, you can use the Facebook Pixel integration and the associated conversion tracking codes.

Here is what that will look like once you have connected the account and you have a page on a running campaign:


To get started, go to your main Integrations Dashboard in Instapage and find the Analytics section, then select Facebook Ads Manager and click on Continue to Facebook in order to start the authentication process.


If the authentication process determines that your Facebook Ads Manager account is an Administrator or Advertiser account (not an Analyst account), then the authentication will be considered successful. If, however, your account is determined to be an Analyst account, then you will see the following error message:


If you have a Business account, with access to multiple Ad Accounts, you will be presented with a list of the accounts in order to select which one you want to connect with this particular Instapage Workspace.

NOTE: You can only connect one Facebook Ads account per workspace. 

After the account is connected, you will be presented with a screen similar to this one, where you can disconnect the integration if you wish to do so:


Now it's time for the second step of the integrating process: connecting the landing page.

Access the slideout menu for the landing page you want to connect with Facebook Ads Manager and go to the Analytics section of the Integrations tab, then select Facebook Ads Manager:


This will open the integration modal. It will allow you to connect the Facebook Ads Account if you haven't done so according to the previous steps already. If the Facebook Ads account is already connected to this workspace, you will see the following:


Then you can continue to select the campaign:


In the next step, you can select the Ad Set this page belongs to:


Then choose the Ad:


In order to identify incoming traffic to this landing page from your ad, allowing our Analytics system to correlate that traffic with the correct campaign and cost, you will need to copy a snippet of Instapage tracking code and paste it into the ‘URL Parameters’ field of the corresponding ad on your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

You can not paste the tracking code of one experience to multiple ads. If you want to view the cost based analytics for multiple experiences you have to connect each experience to it's own ad. 




Once we are able to verify that this has been done successfully, the integration process is complete:


Note: Only the account owner and team members with Manager permission can connect the Facebook Ads Manager integration. For more on team member permission levels, go here.