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Features to Use for Building a Professional Landing Page

1. Branded email notifications

Branded emails are automated notifications that let your clients know they just received a new lead and confirmed to clients the landing page you built for them is optimized for conversions.

This feature allows you to:

  • Set the name an email comes from;
  • Determine the reply-to address;
  • Send a custom subject line;
  • Quickly place your logo into a neutral version of our standard email lead notification.


2. Advanced subaccounts permissions and privacy 

This feature allows you to create private, team-based workspaces.

With the advanced subaccount permissions and privacy features, agencies can now assign team members to the various client accounts, collaborate with customers, and securely manage their integrations, directly from their subaccounts.

Team Members, Domains, and Integrations are now connected to and managed directly from individual subaccounts, so you don’t have to share any information you’re not comfortable sharing.

Each subaccount has a unique authorization token to allow secure publishing access to external content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, etc.).

3. Integrating with Google Ads 

Integrating with Google Ads enabled you to track your conversions and cost per lead.

You can set up the integration by going to Settings > Analytics, selecting Google Ads from the analytics menu and logging in to your Google Account from there.

You can check out the linked article for more detailed step by step instructions.

4. Heatmaps 

Heatmaps showcase how visitors interact with a web page using a color-coded system with data visualization. The data collected through heatmaps allows you to gauge if visitors are having trouble finding what they are looking for on the page. This technology helps you collect user data to run better, more informed landing page A/B tests.

The Instapage Heatmap Visualizer provides you with detailed insights into customer behavior and how those visitors interact with your landing pages. The new feature provides 3-in-1 tracking functionality — mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth:

To view your page’s heatmap, click “Preview” of the page variation, and turn on the heatmap toggle:



5. Team collaboration

The Instapage Collaboration Solution allows you to share and respond to comments, provide feedback, and resolve issues within the platform.

To invite a team member or a customer to comment on your page, select the page from the Dashboard in Preview Mode and give them the URL. You can see more detailed instructions in the article linked above.

6. SSL certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.

Your page can benefit from this by being published with a CNAME record that points to secure.pageserve.coYou can see how to do that here.

7. Mobile, grouping and alignment 

You can select multiple elements to move them together, resize them and align them as you want.

This feature enables you to maintain the aspect ratio of a group on mobile pages, to maintain the professional appeal you created on your desktop page.

Check out the linked article for more details on how to use this feature and its advantages.

8. Inline style editor

This feature makes it possible to add custom styling to a variety of landing page elements. Specifically, to edit, create, and delete any CSS property. You can now gain higher control over the landing page design and customization process.

It enables you to isolate CSS styling to individual page elements, as opposed to the entire page. Plus, you can add additional properties that were previously unavailable in the editing toolbar.

You can check out the GIF below and the linked article above to learn how to get the most out of this feature.


9. Custom fonts

By going to Settings > Fonts you can customize the fonts your headlines and paragraphs will have. You can choose from a series of Google web fonts we have picked, the rest of the Google Fonts library and from Adobe Typekit.


10. Custom 404 page

Typically, when a visitor lands on a 404 page, there are no navigation links on the page to take the visitor back to where they came from. In those instances, the visitor essentially has two options:

  1. Press the back button and revert to the previous page
  2. Try to open the link again

In reality, you can’t expect visitors to the second action. So, you have to design a 404 page that doesn’t halt the conversion process.

Instapage’s custom 404 feature allows you to create conversion-worthy 404 pages with a few simple clicks. The feature gives you the opportunity to collect leads from pages most marketers view as dead ends.

This functionality allows you to set any page as your 404 page. This gives you an additional opportunity to acquire leads and customers — even on a page that’s infamous for visitor abandonment.

You can find instructions for setting this up in the article linked above.

11. Audit log

Audit logs give you a step-by-step, detailed account of who did what, when — to your landing page. The Audit Log feature makes easier than ever to keep track of changes on a subaccount with multiple team members. You can see information about who created, saved, published, or deleted pages from your subaccount.

To access the audit log, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner in the Instapage dashboard, and select Audit Log from the menu. Next you will see the Audit Log screen:landing-page-product-audit-log.png

Now you can know what happens in your account and who does what.

12. Parallax scrolling

On landing pages with parallax scrolling, the background moves at a slower rate as compared to the foreground, so a 3D effect is created as the visitor scrolls.

Parallax design helps you narrate a story on your landing page, and satisfy your visitors’ curiosity about your product or service in a more gradual manner.

Not only do parallax scrolling landing pages look more appealing but they serve a conversion purpose.

Instapage enables you to add a parallax scrolling background with just a few clicks.

You can apply the parallax effect to your page section backgrounds and enable them from the options menu:landing-page-product-parallax.jpg

The result will look something like this:


13. Click-to-call buttons and links 

A click-to-call button is a phone number on a web page that can be hyperlinked with a simple tag. Prospects can then click that button to call you directly from their mobile phone, or from their computer with the help of software like Skype.

Simply select the image, text, or button you want to use, and find the Click event button and then choose Outside URL:


Then type the link corresponding to the desired button. (Remember to use “tel:+[country code][area code][phone number]” format, without the square braces. For example tel:+16044841354)


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